About us

Tromsø Science Park is a central arena for sustainable development and growth in Northern Norway. The science park houses a broad knowledge environment with Norinnova’s partner, Siva, playing a central role. The Siva structure works actively to connect research with business, unleash innovation and competitiveness and facilitate researchers and entrepreneurs succeeding in getting their concept into the international market.

Tromsø Science Park consists of three buildings covering a combined area of 30,000 m². This will expand in the summer of 2024 when “Building 4” opens. It will be a signature building for the green transition in the north and for Siva. Moreover, it will be the world’s northernmost building classified as BREEAM-NOR Outstanding.

People sitting in a couch at Forskningsparken
Forskningsparken Tromsø

During a period spanning three decades, the science park has contributed to creating more than 1,000 jobs. This expansion will prepare the science park for the future. Tromsø Science Park is a place where like-minded people meet to develop solutions with global opportunities. No one achieves success alone!

SIVA –The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway – Siva is a governmental enterprise that develops, owns and finances a national infrastructure for innovation and business development consisting of incubators, business gardens, catapult centres, innovation enterprises, innovation centres and industrial real estate. The Siva structure shares expertise and builds effective national networks in close collaboration with industry and the local business community. The network connects businesses with valuable expertise, capital and partners – at the right time. Siva is a driving force for sustainable industrial value creation and production throughout Norway and contributes to successful development occurring faster and more effectively.

Siva offers entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-offs, growth companies and others expertise and meeting places to achieve business development through a network of innovation companies across the country, including Norinnova in Tromsø. The businesses receive guidance, are challenged and connected with the valuable expertise, industrial partners and capital – at the right time. The Siva structure facilitates the network of innovation companies adding, developing and exchanging competence and best practice, while reinforcing the efforts that Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway, the county councils and others contribute directly to the businesses.

Norinnova is responsible for the operation and hosting of Siva at Tromsø Science Park.